Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers needed

There are many reasons to volunteer, and so many national and local organisations to volunteer with.

Giving your time to an environmental charity or community group can not only make you feel good, it can develop your skills, add to your CV, and help you make new connections and friends.

Here are a handful of national organisations looking for volunteers:

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

An internship with the RSPB is a great example of this. You can volunteer on either a project or a specialist piece of work. Their placements last for three, six, nine or twelve months.

If you don't know a robin from a redwing, it really doesn't matter. Find a flexible volunteering role near you, or travel further with their Residential opportunities.

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The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust offer a range of options across the UK, from regular roles to informal one-off volunteering opportunities. These include woodland management and visitor experience, to recording trees and wildlife.

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The Wildlife Trusts

Opportunities to donate your skills and time include community gardening, species surveying (such as looking for otters!), caring for nature reserves, plant identification and GPS mapping. They also welcome people that want to donate their organisational, IT, administrative or financial skills.

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The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

The RHS have a wide range of volunteer opportunities in their gardens, libraries, retail outlets, learning centres, at their shows and in communities across the UK.

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Marine Conservation Society

Whether you live inland or by the coast, there are lots of ways you can help this ocean charity.

Volunteering opportunities include beach cleans, assisting with surveys and wildlife sightings, and becoming a media spokesperson.

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