Regrow kitchen scraps

Re-growing vegetable scraps in water is a fun science experiment to do with the kids that can be tasty too. Below are a few examples to try.

Lettuce and celery

Place the end of a lettuce or celery in a glass or saucer and add a small amount of water. Ensure the end of the lettuce or celery is submerged. Leave on a sunny windowsill and watch it re-grow over the coming days and weeks. Make sure the water doesn't dry up and change the water every day or so.

Beetroot and carrot

Cut the top off a beetroot, put it in a shallow tray of water. You'll notice the beetroot greens starting to grow after a few days, which you can use in salads.

You can use the same method for carrots. Carrot top greens are nutritious, high in potassium and vitamin K.

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Spring onions

Spring onions regrow really easily and quickly. Ensure they still have bits of the roots attached when you buy them.

Save the white ends of your spring onions and place them in a glass or jar of water on a sunny windowsill. Replace the water every day or so.

You may want to transplant the spring onions into soil once the roots have grown long enough.

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