Boo the Pumpkin

Boo the Pumpkin was gifted to Little Green Change by Hubbub at the Purpose Summit 2023 (a Global Good Awards event), held at BMA House in London. We’re tracking Boo’s movements across counties to promote the #EatYourPumpkin campaign, and sustainable modes of transport.

Boo will be paying a visit to a number of Little Green Change friends, charities, and places along the way, in the run up to Halloween, to help spread these eco messages. Check out Boo’s journey so far below.

Boo in East London

Meet our pumpkin named Boo. (Named by a lovely lady on the train called Nina.) Boo is travelling far and wide, starting in Clapton, East London, but what will Boo do next? Choose an option below and then head to the next slide to find out.

Take the train to Liverpool Street
Change trains at Hackney Downs

Boo in Liverpool Street

Boo the Pumpkin didn't stop at Hackney Downs, instead choosing to stay on the train to Liverpool Street. What will Boo do now? Choose an option below and then head to the next slide to find out.

Leave the station
Take a tube train

Boo takes the tube

Boo is heading for Liverpool Street's underground tube station. Which line will Boo take? Choose one using the map, and then go to the next slide to find out if you're right.

Stage 2 of Boo's journey

Have you guessed what Boo will do next? Find out if you're correct on the next slide.

Boo at London Waterloo

Boo took the Central Line, and then the Waterloo & City Line, travelling just 2 stops in total to get to London Waterloo.

Will Boo leave the station and continue on foot, bicycle or bus, or take an overground train out of London?

Leave the station
Take a train out of London

Boo's heading out of London

Boo's definitely taking a train out of London. There are so many destination choices. Will Boo end up on the Exeter or Portsmouth train?


Enjoying the view

Boo got on the Exeter train and is now whizzing through the countryside, enjoying the view. What animals might Boo see on this journey?

Boo the Pumpkin in Devon and Dorset.

Boo got off at Axminster,

hopped on a X51 bus to Dorchester, and is now on the way to see a Little Green Change friend.

Can you guess who?

Boo's arrived at Weldmar Hospicecare's Inpatient Unit

to do some bulb planting. The daffodils will flower each Spring, helping to feed bees & other beneficial insects.

Great work, Boo.

Boo's visiting lots of pumpkin friends

at Dewflock Farm in Dorchester. We‘re hoping the people that take them home eat and compost them after Halloween.

Will you #EatYourPumpkin?

Yes, it's yummy
No, but I will compost it

Boo's at Lyme Regis Library

taking out some free, #spooky, #Halloween children's books, audio CD's, and #gardening books - great for tips on how to grow your own pumpkin next year. Have you got a library card yet?

Yes, I borrow free books from my local library
No, I need to get one

Halloween day.

It's carving time

Little Green Change's kitchen is a busy place with little hands scooping out the edible flesh.

They're also separating the seeds, ready to wash, dry and store for planting next year.

Boo's lit up and ready

to scare any Halloween visitors that come knocking. Are you ready, too?

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